NLS CSR Policy

Our CSR strategy reflects the collective views and goals of all of our employees. We pursue creating change via three key areas; the environment, the community and our people. To make as much impact as we can, an internal CSR team looks at all of the ways we can give back and spur business-wide discussions to ensure we make a difference. Here’s how we do it…

The Environment

Our office is going green

We have implemented a ‘go green’ policy in our offices. Waste reduction, reduced resource consumption and energy efficiency are just some of the ways in which we are working towards an eco-friendly office. Please see our Environmental Policy to learn more.

One tree per placement

We recognise the impact of our day-to-day business activities on climate change. In order to reduce our impact, we have partnered with ‘EcoMatcher’ to ensure our recruitment service directly contributes to fighting climate change. For each permanent placement made by any of our employees, we offset some carbon through reforestation projects to maintain a low carbon recruitment process.

Such forest-based carbon offset projects fight climate change by sequestering carbon dioxide emissions from the atmosphere in trees and soil, and has many co-benefits for the local community and wildlife.

The Community

We want to play a proactive role in helping the communities in which we operate. We want to ensure that we use our skills to make a positive difference.

We are excited to share that we are in talks with an NGO in Hong Kong to work with at-risk youth entering the job market. Our work will include running interview preparation classes, holding resume drafting workshops and advising these individuals on how to boost their job skills.

We hope that our combined skills as recruiters will meet the needs of these individuals at this important and often challenging time in their lives. We will announce our partnership and provide further details shortly.

Our People

We recognise the value and importance of our employees, and managing talent within our business is a priority. As a result, this area of CSR is always adapting and growing. A commitment to giving our employees a voice, improving their learning and development opportunities and creating new employee initiatives based on the real demands of our people, makes this a job that we’re glad is never finished and is always getting better.
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