Youth Career Guidance

We are passionate about building careers. Our drive to help people find the career that they want, that they are made for and that they deserve is the reason that we founded NLSearch.

This passion coupled with our skills and experiences in this industry are our greatest assets. We think that it is only natural for us to use our core competences to support our community.

In early 2018 we designed a skills based volunteering program catered to today’s youth entering the workforce. We hope that our combined skills as recruiters will meet the needs of these individuals at this important and often challenging time in their lives.

We collaborate with NGOs and charities to deliver these community outreach and skills based volunteer programs. We focus on providing the best possible support to our NGO partners, whilst at the same time expanding the capabilities of our people and strengthening relationships, partnership and collaboration.

19 May 2018 – Po Leung Kuk Cheung Hong Youth Development Centre